Selection process for the Club (2024-2025)

In order to select the best candidates for the next season, the Club de Ski Mont Tremblant organizes an on-snow selection process over the course of one weekend. Generally, about 15 positions are available each season. However, following a second wave of selection held over the summer, additional spots may become available.


Your child must be 10 years of age or older on December 31, 2024 (born in 2014 or earlier)


April 5ft to April 7ft 2024


225$ via Club online store

The lift ticket is not included.

Mandatory Waiver Form

Download form and return to

Selection camp on snow from April 5 to April 7, 2024.

Every year, the Mont-Tremblant Ski Club organizes a selection process for young people wishing to join the Racing Club. Due to the limited number of places available, we are obliged to make selections.

Two objectives govern us:

  • To select youth who demonstrate competitive ability and developmental potential;
  • To make the selection process a constructive learning tool for the youth.

The evaluation will be done in 2 steps:

  1. Ongoing ski evaluation at a 3-day camp (2 days mandatory) (dates will be posted on the ski club website)
    1. Evaluation of skiing skills in various situations and terrain (beginner to expert)
      • Basic technique;
      • Athletic ability in skiing
    2. Evaluation of competitive skills
      • Demonstrates interest in learning,
      • Demonstrates commitment to training,
      • Demonstrates an ability to manage risk,
  2. Physical tests at the multi-sport field - The tests used are the Mini Ironman for 9-10-year old’s and the Ironman JR for 11+ year old’s (date to be determined)
    1. Assessment of physical abilities such as:
      • Physical endurance;
      • Speed of movement ;
      • Balance, coordination and flexibility.
    2. Minimal score required
      • Mini Ironman:
        1. 2013: 100 pts +
        2. 2014: 200 pts +
      • Ironman Jr: 100 pts +

Final selections will be announced by email to parents one week after the final selection stage.

In the case of non-selection, a detailed letter of explanation will be sent to the parents.

We sincerely hope that this selection process will be constructive for each of the young people interested in the Mont-Tremblant Ski Club.

Registration to the camp via Club online store before March 30, 2024.

Ski evaluation criteria: (score /10)

Technical Ability Rating

  1. Demonstrates an athletic stance
  2. Demonstrates ankle-knee mobility
  3. Skis are parallel throughout the turn
  4. Skier is balanced on the outside ski
  5. Base of support adapted as needed
  6. Demonstrates upper/lower body separation
  7. Uses edge angle in the turn
  8. Uses poles when necessary
  9. Demonstrates dynamic movement


Initiation: 1-3
Acquisition: 4-6
Consolidation: 7-10

Athletic Quality Rating

  1. Is able to change direction quickly when necessary
  2. Balances appropriately for the situation
  3. Coordinates movement appropriately
  4. controls speed


Has difficulty (1-2)
needs improvement (3-4)
acceptable (5-6)
does well (7-8)
exceeds expectations (9-10)

Competitive Ability Rating

  1. shows interest in learning
  2. demonstrates commitment to training
  3. demonstrates good risk management Experiences difficulty (1-2)


Has difficulty (1-2)
needs improvement (3-4)
acceptable (5-6)
does well (7-8)
exceeds expectations (9-10)

Video demonstrating the minimum ski requirement:

Ages 9-10 Snow Star Level 3
11 -14 ans Snow Star Level 4
15 ans + Snow Star Level 5

Targets Physical Test

Physical test protocol
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